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Would you like to get involved? America for Youth Foundation is always looking for volunteers to help with our programs. Give us a call today and find out how you can help touch the lives of the youth of America.

Donations are a way for you to share with today's youth. Donations help provide activities and facilities for the youth of today. Without your donations, the services of America for Youth Foundation would not exist. Thank you for being a loyal supporter.



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Thank you for your support.

Founded in 1996 as a result of many conversations with teens with nowhere else to go, America for Youth Foundation was established as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) status corporation. America for Youth Foundation opened it's first youth center the same year.

The first Youth Center was successful in the following ways:

  • During the first month, we had over 1000 youth sign up and agree to follow the rules (There is no cost to join, but the youth must agree to follow the rules or not participate)
  • 72 youth found jobs after school
  • 6 youth back in school
  • 4 runaways were reunited with their parents and were able to work out their differences
  • A study groups was set up for the kids to help each other with their studies
  • A library with over 2800 books was built
  • 4 youth dances were held
  • Street cleanups were organized by the youth for the community. Over 20 bags of garbage were cleaned up within 6 blocks of the youth center alone!
  • 2 youth were able to get into drug rehab and stay clean
  • The youth all had fun and loved participating in the center's events

The premise of the Youth Center is that the youth elect officers, plan activities, and carry them out. The adults guide them and approve the activities. As a result of the “teen rule” method of planning activities, the youth were very protective of “their place” and encouraged each other to follow all the rules to the letter. The Youth Center ended up with a very peaceful and friendly environment.

All of this was achieved with no taxpayer money or public funds. America for Youth Foundation depends upon dontaions and charitible contributions to help establish these Youth Centers. Without donations, America for Youth Foundation is unable to provide the facilities necessary to help America's youth.

We are currently raising money to open a LAN gaming center which will be a permanent fund raiser for America for Youth Foundation and a Learning Lab which will provide underprivileged youth with the badly needed access to computers.