Success Story

Todd was a tormented runaway. All the world was against him and nobody understood. He had come to the teen center for refuge and quickly found trouble. His know it all attitude invited immediate conflict with other teenagers and arguments quickly followed. Before violence erupted, the teen staff called for the clubhouse supervisor and together they intervened and corralled Todd into the office for a “chat”. His parents hated him, he said, and so did his teachers. His parents hated all his friends and would not allow him to hang out with them anymore. Todd was failing English and History. His teachers had it in for him, he said. His friends were his only refuge and now his parents had taken them away, saying that they were a bad influence on Todd. The issue had caused a heated argument, grounding, restrictions, and many regrettable words by all parties. Todd had been sent to his room, but snuck out a few hours later. Now he was on his own, no money, no job, no place to stay, and with an attitude that no one wanted to be around. Todd knew it all, and he was never wrong.

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