Why are youth
centers important?
Youth centers are important gathering places that offer quality after-school programs. Many studies have been done on teen centers and have shown that they:

  • Decrease juvenile crime
  • Decrease the likelihood that teens will be victims of violent crime
  • Decrease teen participation in risky behaviors, such as drug, alcohol, and tobacco use
  • Lead teens to develop new skills and interests
  • Improve teens' grades and academic achievement
  • Encourage teens to reach higher in planning their futures
  • Increase teens' self-confidence and social skills*

*Information from www.safeyouth.org


How the youth center works

The youth center is a youth run organization that is supervised an adult board of directors. The youth organize themselves by electing officers and board members who survey the youth and plan activities. Committees are formed for each type of activity and the committee members plan and carry out the necessary actions to be successful for their plan. There may be local fundraising for individual activities carried out by the youth.

In addition to the Activity Committee, there will also be committees formed for Building Maintenance, Security, Education, Employment, and Public Relations. There will be an adult board member assigned to each committee who will be required to attend each committee meeting and the adult board meetings.

The rules for the youth center are formulated and enforced by the youth, with final approval from the adult board of directors. America for Youth Foundation has a suggested list of rules that the youth can draw from. There is a youth security group that is responsible for enforcement of the rules. One of the adult board members acts as the security advisor for the youth security group, along with the adult Youth Center volunteer who is on duty at the time.

The hours of operation will be determined by the Youth board and the adult board, with final approval from the city or township. The hours of operation will not interfere with public schools or local curfews.

The adult board of directors will provide annual and semiannual reports to the city or township and will invite the appropriate official from the city or township to the monthly board meetings. The city or township official will have the opportunity to provide input at these board meetings. If the youth center is sponsored by a local charitable organization, a representative from that organization will be invited to attend the monthly board meetings and will have the opportunity to provide input at these meetings.

America for Youth Foundation will provide the start up capital to get the youth center up and running, and will help to make the youth center self supporting. America for Youth Foundation will offer support to the youth center on an ongoing basis, as needed. Our goal is to make each center self supporting. We have tried and true formulas to make this happen.

America for Youth Foundation realizes that each city or township is different and has different needs for their youth. With that in mind, America for Youth Foundation will help develop a plan for a youth center that is custom tailored to fit the needs of that particular community, allowing for special needs and concerns for the youth of that community.

The success of America for Youth Foundation depends largely upon you. To provide these programs we need your financial support. Please consider becoming a sponsor and begin helping the youth of our nation become responsible and successful young adults.

How the youth center works

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