Why are youth
centers important?
Youth centers are important gathering places that offer quality after-school programs. Many studies have been done on teen centers and have shown that they:

  • Decrease juvenile crime
  • Decrease the likelihood that teens will be victims of violent crime
  • Decrease teen participation in risky behaviors, such as drug, alcohol, and tobacco use
  • Lead teens to develop new skills and interests
  • Improve teens' grades and academic achievement
  • Encourage teens to reach higher in planning their futures
  • Increase teens' self-confidence and social skills*

*Information from www.safeyouth.org

Want a teen center in your town?

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1. Inquire of city officials to see if there are any current plans for a youth center. Offer to start one with their assistance.
2. Survey citizens to see if there is sufficient interest.
3. Locate acceptable site for center.
4. Contract with local vendors for any remodeling.
5. Arrange for City inspection.
6. Arrange for any licenses.
7. Install fixtures such as tables, chairs, amusement devices and vending machines.
8. Obtain volunteers and other staffing for the center. Train staff and volunteers.
9. Contact local media and have grand opening.
10. Advertise for youth to join the center and have fun.
11. Observe staff for first week or two.

How the youth center works

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